Hummer H3 Reverse Camera Review

Hummer H3 Backup Camera

We recently got to test out a Hummer H3 Alpha equipped with the reverse camera – a new option in 2008 – and we were impressed! For starters, the rearview mirror is very similar to the monitor system in the H2 option. The camera monitor remains hidden until the Hummer is put in reverse, then the monitor emerges from the right side of the rear view mirror. Once the vehicle is taken out of reverse, the monitor gently glides back into its hidden position. The only difference between the H2 and H3 rear view mirror is the fact the H3 mirror also contains the OnStar controls. The H3’s camera is positioned just to the right of the license plate bracket, making the view slightly skewed to one side. This is where Hummer got creative! They installed lines on the monitor to show the square shape behind the vehicle. This makes reversing into a parking space relatively effortless. We also liked that the line on the bottom indicated where the edge of the spare tire sits (the farthest point to the rear). And now for the real kicker – the whole setup only runs $850. However, it is currently not possible to retrofit an older vehicle with this system due to parts availability. Once parts become available, the parts and labor cost will probably be exponentially higher than the factory installed system (The H2 retrofit system runs around $3500! Yikes!)

Hummer H3 Reverse Camera Monitor
Hummer H3 Reverse Camera
Hummer H3 Backup Camera Bumper

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  1. Anyone have a part number(s) on this unit? I wouldn’t mind replacing my HitchCAM unit with something more integrated.

  2. What if i want to check a trailer coupling or how secure the trailer load is , or how the camper trailer is tracking over tough terrain can i put the cam on going forward? … murray