Hummer H3 Soft Top Prototype

Hummer H3 Soft Top H3x
We found these pictures and info on, via the Hummer Forums (Thanks Gunner!). The prototype vehicle made an appearance in Dallas at the Four Wheel Parts Truckfest, and speculation is that it may be in Hummer’s future lineup. We like the idea, but don’t expect GM to make a complete soft-top H3 similar to this modified H3x for some time. Whether or not the H4, which has been confirmed, will have a soft top option is the real question…
Hummer H3 Soft Top H3x

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  1. georgieboysobota

    its alright but it doesn’t suit a HUMMER, espescially a H3x. its something that id expect to see on a jeep.

  2. Hi Brian…….

    I’m with ya on this one.

    I like the concept, but I’m not too sure about it’s execution.

    The fit and finish of the kit did not match the quality of the vehicle in which it was installed and I can’t help but wonder how much structural integrity was compromised.

    I think I’d rather see a fully removable Hardtop like the old Ram Chargers of even a half top like the old Broncos.



  3. I can’t tell if I like the idea or not… Maybe on the H4, probably not the H3. That reminds me of a giant PT Cruiser convertable. 😛

    Like the idea, just not for the H3.

  4. Yeah might would be cool on a H4 but not the H3.

  5. It might be a cool idea, but not on the H3. From the picture it looks like it isn’t the safest vehicle because the doors aren’t going to protect you in a rollover.