HUMMER H3 to aid Mountain Rescue

Hummer Mountain Rescue Crew
“Saving lives in wild and remote places,” is how UK based Mountain Rescue describes themselves. The specialized charity that operates in England and Wales teamed with HUMMER to add a specially equipped H3 to their rescue fleet.

It’s a common misconception that the Mountain Rescue is part of a government funded emergency service, when in fact, they rely entirely on charitable donations to survive. Over 3,500 volunteers make up 53 teams which provide assistance to anyone lost or injured in the UK mountains.

Hummer Mountain Rescue H3
“We are delighted to provide such a tangible support to one of the country’s most vital charities,” says Steve Catlin of HUMMER. “The HUMMER H3 is the ideal vehicle to tackle some of the toughest terrains and we hope it can provide a valuable support to the incredibly brave and courageous work that Mountain Rescue teams undertake throughout the year.”

Check out Mountain Rescue’s website for more information on the group.

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