Hummer H3s Now Standard with Child Safety Locks

Thu, Feb 8, 2007

Hummer News

Hummer H3 Child Safety Locks
In addition to the interior door panel upgrade, Hummer has also included rear door child safety locks in every H3 produced after February 1st. Great news for parents looking for the Hummer H3 to be a family vehicle, and may have been looked at other vehicles instead of the H3 because of child safety locks. Aren’t these pretty much standard on all SUVs? I guess for Hummer it’s better late than never! The two changes are part of Hummer’s mid-year enhancement for the H3.

2 Responses to “Hummer H3s Now Standard with Child Safety Locks”

  1. Ozzie Says:

    I just bought a 07 H3 and we discovered that there is no child lock on the rear doors. Is there any way to install it?
    How much would cost it?
    As 07 model should have it as stardard, can i request a recall to install it?

  2. admin Says:

    This was a mid-model-year enhancement, and only available on 2007 models built after February 1st. If your 2007 model does not have it, it must have been from earlier in that year. The only way to retro-fit from a dealer perspective would be to swap out an entirely new door, which would be extremely costly. The door design is slightly different, as is the interior plastic door panel.