HUMMER H3T Commercial to Showcase Surfers, Kite Surfing

2009 HUMMER H3T BeachA HUMMER H3T was spotted in Tofino, Canada recently during the filming of a new commercial that features surfing and kite surfing. “We looked at a lot of places before we got here,” said Bill Burns, the location manager for the commercial’s production company. “It’s pretty spectacular.” The filming was done at the Pacific Sands Beach Resort, and featured local professional surfer Sepp Bruhwiler. Tofino was the first of five location stops, presumably for five new commercials featuring outdoor activities featuring the soon to be released HUMMER H3T.

UPDATE 8/6/08 6PM: Check out the video GeorgieBoy found of some H3T promotional material — nice!

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  1. georgieboysobota

    that h3t looks HOT!

  2. georgieboysobota

    check this out, i just found it:

  3. NICE and it has front and rear lockers!

  4. I will take one in solar flare with the slant back, Alpha V8, brush guard, and the off road suspension…………………….. but I can at least dream of having one like that.

  5. That vid is kinda like this Hummer accessories one I found.

  6. georgieboysobota

    i cant wait to build one on

  7. I know what mine would look like.