HUMMER H3T Pickup Off Road Footage Part 1

Before any HUMMER goes into production, it has to undergo off-road testing. Last year, still in ‘disguise,’ the HUMMER H3T went through testing at Swamp Lake Trail. Here’s what says about Swamp Lake:

“Contrary to what its name implies, Swamp Lake Trail is a high-elevation mountain route climbing to 9,600 feet at one point. Although much of the trail is heavily forested, the scenery is very impressive from high vistas along the route…Large, challenging boulders and steep, hair-raising climbs. Muddy in places. Snow possible in early summer. Modified vehicles need very high ground clearance. Recommend at least one differential locker. For experienced drivers only. Don’t go alone. Damage is possible even for the most capable vehicle. Definitely not for stock SUVs.”

Definitely not for stock SUVs, except HUMMER. The tagline ‘Like Nothing Else’ applies here, since HUMMER requires that every stock vehicle is able to tackle this type of terrain. This is some of the testing footage from HUMMER’s development drive at Swamp Lake. Enjoy!

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  1. that in the corners brilliant, how’d you do that?