HUMMER H4 Unconfirmed Details

2010 HUMMER H4

Our friends at have released some sketches and info they’re claiming are details surrounding the predicted release of the HUMMER H4. TopSpeed reports the H4 will be available in 2 door or 4 door configurations, and offer a 3.7L or 4.2L engine. We think their claim that the HUMMER H4 will be released in 2009 as a 2010 model is a bit lofty – but we’ll wait to pass judgment once we know more. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: HUMMER says the sketches are nothing that they have produced and this is the first time they’ve seen them. The rumored configurations are “purely speculation” according to HUMMER, citing that the 3.7L in-line 5 currently in the H3 won’t even fit in the HX concept, which, though unofficial, is expected to be the precursor to the HUMMER H4.

2010 HUMMER H4

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  1. Come on. Can’t you talk to these Hummer guys and tell them to quit horsing around and give us a date for when the H4 will be available. I don’t buy this crap that they don’t know and that they don’t have it configured. Toyota turned the FJ concept into production damn near immediately.

  2. The sketches look like the FJ.

  3. it does look like the FJ, the designers are loosing their HUMMER originality.