HUMMER HX Concept Revealed

Hummer HX Reveal

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After much anticipation, HUMMER revealed their newest HX concept to the masses via the Detroit Auto Show. Loud music, lights, and men repelling from the rafters helped welcome the HUMMER HX to the stage. The HX brings a more youthful approach to the brand, both in the vehicle’s design and projected (unofficial) price point of around $25k.

Hummer HX Reveal Since the HUMMER HX is capable of running on E85, GM also announced a partnership with a company who is developing a method of making ethanol from just about anything – trash, old tires, you name it. Estimates by GM suggest that by implementing more flex-fuel vehicles, billions of gallons of gasoline can be saved every year. Check out the video AutoBlog shot of the event below.

Hummer HX Hearing the HX start up behind the closed curtain got my adrenaline pumping – the V6 power plant sounds great very throaty and powerful. After seeing the vehicle in person, and even getting to get inside the HX, I’m even more excited about where HUMMER is going. Even though the HX is more compact, it has a tougher and more agressive look than any HUMMER model since the H1. It’s still talked about as a concept, but Bob Lutz announced awhile ago that a smaller HUMMER is definitely coming, so expect it to be very similar to the HX. Rumor is the HX is 90% production — wow! For more pictures from the reveal, check out AutoBlog’s HX Gallery.

More Detroit Auto Show coverage will come later in the week once all the interviews are compiled, and updates on the future of HUMMER as well. Will the H1 make a return? How long will the H2 model be offered? What engines will be available in the H3T pickup truck? Stay tuned!

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  1. Cool, that must have been better than when I chatted with the designer on Sunday.

  2. it looks better in real life than the photo!

  3. I found the transcript for the chat with the HX designer on I thought it was cool talking with him for an hour.

  4. my vision of Hummer HX is here

  5. it’s just awesme