HUMMER HX to appear in G.I. Joe Movie

Update: Autoblog is reporting’s info on the HUMMER HX appearing in the upcoming G.I. Joe movie is false. However, HUMMERs of some kind will be used.
Paramount pictures, producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, and toy-maker Hasbro were automotive product placement experts with the movie Transformers. Now that trio may be eyeing the HUMMER HX concept for their upcoming G.I Joe movie.

According to a G.I. Joe enthusiast forum, the HUMMER HX concept will be used in the film as either the patrol vehicle “Cougar” or an armored truck known as “Grizzly.”

General Motors may be using the movie to keep people’s interest in the HUMMER HX concept while engineers are back perfecting a similar HUMMER production vehicle. This approach is similar to what The General did with the Camaro in Transformers, which, by the way, is still not available. When the Camaro is finally available, you’ll be able to reminisce about the movie it was in several years prior. For HUMMER’s sake, I hope the timing is better with this product placement.

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  1. Autoblog said the HX concept won’t appear in the movie, but other Hummer products will.