HUMMER in 2016 – State of the Brand

HUMMERH3Offroad540It’s been a while since we provided a quick ‘state of the brand’ address for HUMMER – largely because there hasn’t been any real significant change (as expected) and the most promising updates we’ve discussed. However, here are a few key points for those looking to catch up on the HUMMER brand and what’s going on in 2016.

HUMMER Website

GM still hasn’t shuttered, where visitors can go see very brief descriptions of the vehicles that haven’t been sold on dealer lots (as new vehicles) for over 5 years now. The same is true for brand websites for Saturn and Pontiac – and all three have similar designs and goals: get people interested in these brands switched to what we actually sell. I don’t blame them, but some of the links are dead, like the links to the now non-existent facebook pages.

HUMMER’s Facebook Page

GM’s handling (which was actually outsourced) of the HUMMER facebook page was atrocious. It came across as unauthentic, and even patronizing at times to brand enthusiasts. I actually ‘un-liked’ the HUMMER facebook page before it was merged with GM’s mothership facebook account. It was hard to do, but it was unrecognizable once it was handed over to some intern at an outsourced ad agency. I’m happier that they put it out of it’s misery, but they could have kept it alive – or given it back to the HUMMER community that remains strong.

HUMMER Communities

There are still active HUMMER communities – some based mostly online where advice on maintenance, repairs, or where the hell to find parts for an orphan brand. Some have local chapters that have meet-ups or plan trips.
The Facebook Page – a shameless plug! Come join over 2,600 other HUMMER fans. Share a picture while you’re there. – still one of the most active communities, you can find recent posts and goings on.
Hummer4x4Offroad – For being one of the later entries in the game, they have a robust following, active community, and an all around friendly group that’s still passionate about the brand.
HummerNetworkForms – Still the go-to H1 / Humvee board.
HummerXClub – still relatively active and doing events around the U.S.
Elcova – Used to be go-to forums for H2, but seems to be slowing down more than others in the group.

HUMMER Service

Service is still being handled by certified dealers or your friendly neighborhood repair shop. Nearly everything is out of warranty now except for some longer powertrain warranties or the rough idle issues that a lot of owner received notice by mail about. has a search tool to find a certified service center (some sort of GM dealership).


HUMMERs continue to have some of the best resale values. Looking back on models 5-10 years old, H2s and H3s still retain an amazing percentage of their original value when compared with other vehicles in its class. You can find hundreds of Jeep Commanders for under $10,000 – but an H3 under 10,000 is rare. Very few vehicles are investments, but some hold their value better than others due to their quality, style, and desirability – and HUMMERs are in that group.


GM still doesn’t have any plans to bring HUMMER back. Even with gas prices reaching 15 year lows, there is so much more to bringing a brand to the market – especially one like HUMMER. In the age of compliance standards and liability testing, one must have mass market appeal to make a go at developing a line of vehicles, and HUMMER doesn’t have that.

Having said that – GM has been left out of the rugged, off-road niche for a while now. There has been rumors about the GMC design studio working on what would be a competitor for the Jeep wrangler that would have some HUMMER design cues, but other than some off-hand comments in early 2015 we haven’t seen anything of substance come about.

Automotive news wrote an article called, “GMC takes first step onto Jeep terrain,” but the 2016 Acadia Denali is hardly the move that off-road enthusiasts are looking for. It’s also not what GMC was hinting at. Knowing the mindset of GMC’s lead designer (the same designer that brought us the HX), there are some amazing ideas floating around behind closed doors – it’s just a matter of them making business sense and convincing the suits at GM that people are thirsting for these types of vehicles.

If they need any more convincing, perhaps they should look at Jeep Wrangler worldwide sales, which are now 3 times what they were compared to the years HUMMERs were in production.

No one can say for certain, but we’re hopeful in the next 12-24 months GMC will introduce a Jeep Wrangler competitor instead of watching Jeep continue to set new sales records.

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  2. I am sick of waiting, I will buy the new Land Rover Defender due next year.