HUMMER Knockoff or Competitor?

If you happen to be at the Dubai Motor Show next week, be sure to stop by and check out the newest HUMMER knockoff from an automaker you’ve never heard of.

Abu Dhabi based Alanqa Motor Company will use the venue to introduce their company and their vehicles to the world, including the BodyGuard and the V-Guard, which bears a striking resemblance to the design of the HUMMER H1.

With a Corvette 7.4L V8 engine under the hood, one of the vehicles is able to hit 60 in around 7 seconds and top out around 130 mph. says “production will be limited to around 100 per year,” which translates to, “there’s no way we can unload more than 100 of these things.”

However, if you’re one of the ‘lucky’ ones who has a chance to buy one, it’ll run you between $120,000 and $277,000 depending on your customization level. The interior shots make it appear you can even add aircraft radar & altimeter if you so choose. Nice.

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  1. The interior screams Hx, and the exterior looks like a cross between the Lambo LM002 and the H1. So, a Corvette-powered go-kart that cost six figs…. Awesome?

  2. Sons of ….. !!!

  3. Is the white one supposed to be like a boat? I will say, that’s a little different…

  4. I must admit that I’d pick the yellow concept on the left over the current H2.
    Unless Hummer gives the next H2 a more aggressive look.

    Anyone knows if H2 is a go for 2011 ?

  5. H2 production statements from HUMMER coming this week…stay tuned.

  6. The yellow one has JK Wrangler Unlimited doors…. just pointing that out…