HUMMER Myths and Misconceptions: The Off Road Customer

Hummer h3 Water Crossing

One question that I get pretty often is, “Do HUMMER owners really ever take their new trucks off-road?” My answer is often a surprised sounding, “yes!” But maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised after being asked so many times. It’s obvious that many people still believe that most HUMMERs never see any dirt or adventure. In reality, there are huge numbers of owners hitting the trails through dealership events and local and national off-road clubs.

Dealerships around the nation put on off-road events called HUMMER Happenings. Some can be as simple as a small group hitting the trails. Others caravan in large numbers (175+ trucks) to resorts with all kinds of food and activities in addition to off-roading. Events such as these really help to educate new owners on proper and responsible off-roading. Only franchised dealers put on such events, so be sure to contact them regarding their next HUMMER Happening. Once owners get their off-road confidence up, they may be interested in joining an off-road club or online forum to take their off-roading to the next level, and the level that HUMMERs really get to show off.

Some online groups and forums organize off-road adventures several times a year. Some of the most active off-road HUMMER communities are the HUMMER X Club and Club HUMMER Off Road. The former is a national group with local chapters and events all over the country. These off-road groups always welcome new members with all levels of experience. Also, they’re quick to assist and teach new owners how to get the most out of their truck. Below are some photo examples of true HUMMER owners participating in HUMMER X Club events.

Hummer H3 Ice Water Off Road

Yellow Hummer H3 Off Road

Hummer H3 off road

Check out more photo’s in the X Club’s Gallery page.

Photo Credit: HUMMER X Club

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  1. Didn’t GM cancel all future Hummer Happenings?

    Hummer X club though, they do a great job.

  2. Dealers are in charge of Hummer Happenings — but GM lifted the requirement for them. Many dealers still do them even though they don’t have to.

  3. The local Hummer dealer here’s happenings were a day at Dorney Park (amusement park) and a day at the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs (AAA minor league ball club). No off road events by the dealer here, but part of that was Paragon being forced to close a while ago.

  4. I was at both the Dorney and Iron Pigs events and both were good times. We do local offroad events around here check out the Club Hummer Offroad site posted above.