Hummer officially announces production of H3T Pickup

Hummer H3T Spy Shot
The spyshots have been around and the rumors swirling – now GM has made it official that production of Hummer’s first pickup truck, the H3T, will begin next year. Slated to hit dealerships the Summer of 08, the Hummer H3T will be larger than a midsize truck, and smaller than a full size truck.

“The H3T is unique for HUMMER because it is the brand’s first true pickup. Like every HUMMER model, the H3T delivers capabilities unparalleled in the marketplace and will carve out a new niche in the truck market. I’m happy to say that the men and women of Shreveport will be a big part of this new growth,” said Troy Clarke, GM Group VP and GM North America President.

The original H3T Concept showed a two-door configuration (see below), but the production model will more similar to the production H3 with a four door crew-cab style. Vehicle specifics and engine options have not been released, but we expect the Hummer H3T to offer the 5.3L V8 that is currently only part of the H3 Alpha package.
Hummer H3t Concept

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  1. Dude! I wonder what the actual thing will look like.

  2. I hope the production model has the H3 tail lights, not the Chevy Colorado lights in the spy shots.