HUMMER Owners Gather for Fun in the Snow

Fri, Jan 22, 2010

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While it wasn’t an official HUMMER Club event, the get-together in Grayling, Michigan last week had owners driving from all over the country for the chance to take their HUMMERs out on areas normally frequented by snowmobiles and skiers.

Check out the gallery below for some of the shots from photographer Nick Reid. Enjoy!

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11 Responses to “HUMMER Owners Gather for Fun in the Snow”

  1. hummdude Says:

    I’m totally diggin that H1 pickup!

  2. LC Says:

    Looks fun. I should find something like that in Minnesota!

  3. DRTYFN Says:

    Great pics!! Looks like fun!

  4. Aleardo Says:

    Come to Switzerland …. There’s much snow and ice!

  5. MTUH3 Says:

    It was so much fun there! It is now on our don’t miss trips, along with Drummond Island.

  6. HA_VT Says:

    What is the blue line of light in the 2nd to last photo? Night vision or HIDs?

  7. Panama Red Says:

    Blue lights look like undercarriage lights.

  8. Nick Richards Says:

    They are a blue-tinted light on the sides of his roof rack. They’re nice because they don’t blind you at night when hanging out next to the truck.

  9. MTUH3 Says:

    Those are a great idea…. And they look pretty cool too. I was going to add some extra lights to my rack (when I get around to building a new one). I am going to think about blue or another “softer” color.

  10. Marchiodi Says:

    More info on this H1 pick-up…? Who build? Great looking!


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