Hummer Pickup Truck Coming to GMC Lineup

Hummer Electric Truck

GM Reviving Old Brand Name with Hummer Pickup Truck

General Motors is bringing back Hummer. Kind of.  The automaker is planning to release a GMC model using the Hummer name.  Sources familiar with the matter say the new Hummer pickup truck will be marketed as “Hummer by GMC.” 

GM has signed LaBron James to help promote Hummer’s return and plans to run a super-bowl commercial next month.  The Hummer super bowl commercial will likely act as GM’s official announcement that Hummer is returning. 

As with most models a year or two out from production, it’s possible we may not see any vehicle footage in the ad or only small hints. 

What will the Hummer pickup be like?

The new Hummer model will be all-electric; part of GM’s push to introduce a slew of electric vehicles in the next two years. Some are describing it as a “Jeep-like pickup truck” for “off-road enthusiasts.”

How big will it be?

It’s still anyone’s guess if we’ll see something closer in size to the H3T or the H2 Pickup that was under development well over a decade ago (pictured above).

Why now

Hummer can really only come back as an electric model due to the strong anti-environment sentiment the brand attracted. Over a decade ago, we said it would take a completely alternative powertrain to even consider bringing Hummer back. 

We’re now at the point that these powertrains are viable for mass production, large vehicles.

What to watch for:

So far, all reports are saying GM will be using the Hummer name but not if Hummer is the name of the vehicle. If the name of the vehicle (the model) is simply called “Hummer” it may indicate GM only plans to make a single model – a pickup truck. 

If GM ends up calling it the “Hummer Truck” or “Hummer Something” – it could indicate GM’s desire to leave the door open to other vehicles down the line.

Advice to General Motors

The profit margin of large trucks is no-doubt alluring and a large part of GM’s calculus to revive the Hummer name. But pick-up trucks were never a major part of Hummer’s sales. Sales of Jeep’s Wrangler pickup, the Gladiator, are only a small portion. 

Hummer HX Concept
Hummer HX Concept

The allure of Hummer was having a great off-road vehicle while being comfortable enough to be a daily driver.  While I don’t find Wranglers to be all that comfortable, unit sales are at all-time highs. 

So, while a pickup truck may make the most business-sense right now – don’t forget that a wrangler-fighter with a comfortable interior is what many Hummer faithful would love to see down the line. 

Main Image: The Car Connection


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