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2010 HUMMER H2 Spy Shots

The guys over at The Car Connection have happened upon some new photos from KGP of what appears to be a modified HUMMER H2 SUT. The vehicle was spotted outside a GM testing facility sporting a military-style paintjob, and sports a longer wheelbase and truck bed. A vehicle similar to this has been rumored for years, but this is a promising sign that HUMMER is thinking of bringing a full size pickup truck to market. The new truck would be in addition to the HUMMER H3T which debuts next year, and is a pickup based on the H3. Currently, the H2 SUT has a small bed, and declining interest in that setup may be the catalyst in the production of something similar to these spy shots.

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  1. i want one! i want one! i want one! One other thing, isnt that the us army star on the side?

  2. ah, look before you leap, i wrote the above as soon as i saw the picture, i didn’t read the passage.

  3. That would be cool, plus you get long bed instead of the little, short box. That paint job looks cool too.