HUMMER Plant Coming Back Online to Fill 849-Unit Fleet Order

Even though HUMMER’s future is in doubt right now, that didn’t stop one fleet company from ordering 849 HUMMERs to be built at Shreveport’s H3/H3T production plant. GM wouldn’t release any info on who the mystery fleet company is, but rental-car companies are often top of mind with large, factory-direct orders.

GM had previously shut down production of all HUMMERs at the Shreveport plant in January, but will bring the plant back online between April 12th and May 13th to fill the request.

HUMMER production will not affect Canyon or Colorado production which shares the Shreveport Assembly and Stamping facility.
According to GM, the production announcement is unrelated to the sale of the HUMMER brand or the continuation of the wind-down process in which it is continuing to consider proposals for HUMMER.

It does, however, show that there is still demand for HUMMERs, even with the brand’s future in doubt.

Source: GM

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  1. this is a promising sign

  2. Not a good sign, it’s the end. Just using up the parts.

  3. The good thing is there still is hope for this brand and hopefully it will bounce back .

  4. This is very fantastic news!!!

    849 x $30,000 just for a sample number is $25,470,000.00 so for an even number that’s about $25 million dollars!!! One thing for sure, whoever gets the HUMMER brand just cracked the code to the lotto because this brand is a nonstop money making machine!!!

    A $25 million dollar order is AWESOME news for HUMMER, that’s the kind of news that makes me believe HUMMER is here to stay, not just today, but FOREVER!!! Bring on the new models, I can’t wait to see the new special editions, the new H2 SUV, SUT and long bed SUT, possibly a dually version as well, new H4 and H5. And let’s hope to see some new engines like the Duramax with 397 horsepower and an ass kicking 765 lb-ft of torque!!! Also the 554 HP LSA or 638 HP LS9 would be great options for the H2 as well just to round out the engine selection for those who also like gas engines. And I would also like to see the 400 HP LS3 make its way in to the H3 for sure!!! That’s because I don’t really care for the 5.3 Litre, it’s not bad, but not my cup of tea personally speaking because I’m more in to the LS3, LSA and most of all the LS9!!!

    It would sure be nice if GM would just re skin the H2 and H3 and go ahead and rollout the H4 and H5 right now, seems odd to want to sell such a profitable brand, if I was GM I would keep HUMMER for sure!!! Just like how GM kept Vauxhall in the U.K. now that sales are starting to pick up again and people are buying a boatload of full size vehicles again why not start rolling out 2011 HUMMERs right now!!!

    Most of the people who complain about HUMMER are on tight budgets and can’t afford to own one, so once the H4 and H5 are out you’ll see less complaining and more driving because more and more everyday run of the mill folks will be HUMMER owners their own selves which will mean very few people are going to badmouth something they own.

    For example, think of Cadillac, the Escalade is big with a 6.2 Litre engine, but nobody says much about it because they are all driving the CTS and SRX all over the place. Same with HUMMER, keep the H2 and H3 for those who want it but flood the streets with the H4 and H5!!! If HUMMER was owned by me I’d sell so many there would not be a single street on the planet that didn’t have a HUMMER sitting on it, that’s for sure!!!

    Keep up the good work all of those who are involved with HUMMER, you guys are the best ever!!! :mrgreen:

  5. I think the thing we are all worried about is “Value” what is the truck value going to do once the vichel is not produced any moore, will the value rise or will it fall??? that is the question. Ive been looking at MSN autos every day and its not looking to good, but that can change depending on demand for the vehicle. We will have to see where we stand a year from now. Hopefully they will start showing up on Mecum auto auctions and start retailing at a high price. I sure would load up my H3 and put it on the auction block with a nice reserve on it…..

  6. @Mark Bordelon

    Listen to me Mark, the HUMMER brand will be produced for many long years to come!!! Do not even go there by thinking anything otherwise!!!

    Who cares if the value falls, I’m not selling mine anyways, although I am thinking about possibly trading for a newer H2 as my H2 is currently a 2006.

    In Canada most 2009 H2s are still holding steady at $70K so don’t expect to see that change anytime soon.

    Most 2003 H2s are still going for 30K to 40K in Canada. Do not expect to buy a HUMMER for nothing.

    I don’t think the price is going to go way up either because I’m sure we’ll be seeing 2011 HUMMERs soon, however I do know values will stay steady, just like they have always been at, not giveaway prices and not prices way higher than average.

    An H3 is more common, I’m not expecting to see values go up for them, although I don’t expect to see values fall either, just stay about the same as they have been since 2006 when they first came out on the market.

    My final thoughts are, don’t expect to take a loss on your HUMMER and don’t expect to sell it for way more than paid, expect it to hold steady is the most reasonable thing to do.

    Regarding loading it up, I put close to $20K worth of goodies on my H2 but don’t expect to sell it for more than about $40K if I was to trade up to a 2009 because that’s market value, you can’t expect to get more than market value unless the supply was extremely limited however there is a reasonable supply on the used market nationwide so take a look at and get a feel for things based on year, miles, etc.

    Regardless, I’m 100% confident we will see 2011 HUMMERs soon, so the best thing you can do right now is make plans to buy a 2011/12 HUMMER because I believe when the new HUMMER models come out, the H3 will be getting 35 inch tires and the H2 will be getting 40 inch tires which will make upgrading model years even more sweet not to mention more horsepower, 400 HP L99 for the H3 and a 554 HP LSA for the H2!!! Have a great day and keep that rubber cooking!!! 😎