HUMMER Quietly Rolls Out New H3 Championship Limited Edition

HUMMER H3 Championship Limited Edition
If you weren’t looking closely at the Detroit Auto Show, you may have missed a significant new product in HUMMER’s lineup. The HUMMER H3 Championship Limited Edition made its debut and will be hitting showrooms this summer.

The HUMMER H3 Championship helps celebrate Team HUMMER’s win at the Baja 1000 as HUMMER’s newest limited edition. The “Ultra Silver” metallic paint is even the same paint used on the #863, V-8 powered race truck that took first in its class. But that’s not all; the H3 Championship has racing inspired design all over.

To start, the H3 Championship is equipped with HUMMER’s V8 engine, which right now is only available with the H3 Alpha package. The grill is painted to match the unique silver color, and the brake calipers and shock absorbers are painted red for a more sporty look. The Baja race was not only about speed, but about off-road, so the H3 Championship on display had some cool items to further enhance its off-road prowess.

Underbody protection, rocker panel protection, black brush guard, and extended fender flares were installed on this vehicle. Whether or not the H3 Championship will come with any or all of these is still unknown. It also had a hood decal behind the black hood insert, adding to the race inspired look.

The pictures I snapped aren’t the best – but the color looks great in real life. This will be the first true silver HUMMER has ever done on H2 or H3 – and it looks nice! Also, chrome haters rejoice, this will be the first HUMMER H3 with a V-8 that you can order without chrome, or even the luxury package! Check out more pictures after the jump.

HUMMER H3 Championship Limited Edition

HUMMER H3 Championship Limited Edition Shocks

HUMMER H3 Championship Rear

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  1. any more news on the ultra marine H2?

  2. I can imagine that H3 in my driveway.

  3. Nice!!!!!! Needs a V8 badge somewhere so everyone will know it aint no normal H3.