HUMMER Releases 2009 Black Chrome Special Edition Details

HUMMER 2009 Black Chrome Special Edition

HUMMER 2009 Black Chrome Special Edition Wheel For 2009, HUMMER is planning the release of a special edition “Black Chrome” H2 – available in both SUV and SUT body styles. Black chrome accents will be all over the truck, including the grille, hood latches and handles, side vents, mirror caps, and fuel door. The truck will also come with 22-inch black-chrome wheels.

The black chrome equipped trucks will be available in three colors – Silver Ice Metallic, Carbon Metallic, and Sedona Metallic. The sedona color, meant to compliment the sedona interior released in 2008, will only be available in the black chrome special edition. The total production of all three colors will be limited to 1300 trucks according to GM.

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  1. That looks HOT! With such a limited quantity, how does one get on the list? Will any be made available outside the US (like in Canada)?

  2. With the limited number of dealers, each should have an adequate supply for their market. These will most only be at U.S. dealerships, but low mileage used models will inevitably end up all over the world.

  3. I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled… any idea on the price point?

  4. OH Snap……Might make me sell The Princess!!!!

  5. My guess is they’ll sticker in the low 70s

  6. GM needs to drop the bling crap and offer more off-road models. Ones with M/T tires, rock rails and UCP.

  7. I’d like to see the normal factory chrome rims in the black chrome finish.

  8. FUS319:

    Notice that it is a special edition, i.e. low volume.

    The base H2 is standard with 35″ BFGs, rocker protection, rear-locker, all-time 4wd, 2-spd transfer case, standard skid shields, recovery hooks, etc. They also offer air suspension on the H2.

    The H3 and H3T are standard with 4 skid shields, recovery hooks, 2-spd transfer case, all-time 4wd, Hill Start Assist, etc. They also offer the adventure package, which includes front and rear lockers (no other midsize truck or IFS SUV offers a front locker from the factory) a 4:1 transfer case and 33″ LT tires.

    I can’t think of another OEM that offers trucks with this much off-road capability standard (Everyone else offers it as an uplevel option or part of special development packages). So, I’m not sure what you mean when you say GM needs to offer less bling and more off-road. By my count, GM offers more than anyone else.

  9. NICK:

    Dude…don’t get me wrong. I am a HUGE Hummer fan with two H3’s in my family. I’m wheeln my 3 almost every weekend. My concern and again please excuse my ignorance. But will a $70k H2 keep Hummer from being sold off to a foreign country? I would like nothing more to keep Hummer American and in production for many years. I just get frustrated on why Hummer doesn’t use their resources to promote the HX and from what I hear/read has been tanked! I have been a loyal GM customer for years, I have owned nothing but GM products since my first brand new car when I received my license, my forest green ’98 S-10.

    Hummer is a GREAT product. It’s an outstanding off road vehicle with great ride quality.

    I just want then around for a long time and I don’t want to give the Jeep guys the satisfaction!

    GO HUMMER!!!