HUMMER Rolls Out Message of HOPE

HUMMER’s newest commercial focuses on a group that many people may not know about. HUMMER HOPE (Hummer Owners Prepared for Emergencies) is an organization of specially trained volunteers that assist the American Red Cross during disasters. HOPE members use their vehicles to carry critical personnel and supplies to areas that may be difficult to reach after severe weather events. HUMMER’s critics, who will never be pleased no matter the humanitarian effort, criticize the new commercial on You Tube comment area. (To my knowledge, this is the only place to find the video – my apologies for the ad for a criticism site at the end). As a HOPE member, I find it upsetting to see so much criticism for a group that uses their own resources to become qualified volunteers, and possibly put themselves and their HUMMERs in harms way to help others in times of need. Kudos to HUMMER for focusing on a greaet organization in their newest commercial!

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  1. I guess those critics just waived their intent to be rescued in the next disaster.

  2. right on dude.

  3. People will always find a way to be jerks about Hummers, but then it means we don’t have to help them if they critize what we do.

  4. I saw this ad on network TX this morning. It was one of the sunday morning news shows. I don’t remember which one. Sounds like a great cause.