Hummer Runs on Ethanol, Natural Gas, Hydrogen, or Biodiesel

Green Hummer H2
“Green” business and marketing is becoming more and more prevalent in everyday life. Car companies, energy companies, and even restaurants are appealing to your sense of green while vying for the green in your pocket. America’s interest in becoming more environmentally conscious isn’t slowing down – and neither are sales of America’s favorite go-anywhere four-wheel drive – the Hummer. As the first vehicle brand to announce bio-fuel options across its entire lineup, Hummer is on its way to becoming more green. Biodiesel specialist Jonathan Goodwin couldn’t wait – he’s already converted over 60 H2s from gas to diesel, and nearly 100 H1s. One Hummer H2 is able to run on a number of clean fuels like ethanol, natural gas, hydrogen, and biodiesel. The conversions take about a week to complete and cost around $24,000. Conversions have also been done on older muscle cars – and they’ve kept the muscle! One converted 65 Impala puts out 850 HP and 1200 foot-lbs of torque – and beat a Lamborghini in the quarter mile. The race video will be shown a special earth-day edition of Pimp My Ride (April 22nd). California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was so impressed by the Impala conversion, he’s asked the company to convert one of his H2s, growing his green Hummer fleet.

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