Schwarzenegger to give up Hummers? Not exactly.

Arnold Hummer
There’s been a lot of rumors and news reports that California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger got rid of his Hummers. Not exactly. A recent interview with clarified his stance on Hummer ownership. He admits he still has Hummers, but they’re like nothing else –

These are no ordinary Hummers. I had General Motors customize one of them into a hydrogen Hummer. It’s the only Hummer in the world with that motor. I had another converted from diesel to biofuel. But now that I am governor, I am no longer able to drive these cars because I am chauffeured by the California Highway Patrol. My Hummers are usually in the garage.

The governor goes on to explain that becoming “greener” isn’t necessarily about slimming down in size:

The message I am trying to get across is exactly this: Protecting the environment does not require us to be against large SUVs or trucks. Instead we should develop technology to cut down greenhouse gas emissions because that is where the action is — it’s not about what the size of the car is. We just have to redo the vehicles.

According to GM’s CEO Rick Wagoner, Hummer will be the first brand to offer a bio-diesel option across its entire vehicle lineup within three years.

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  1. Hi Brian,

    here is what Arnold said on that matter in a speech of june 06:

    “GOVERNOR: Well, I get driven around by the CHP, so my vehicles are all kind of stored. I still drive my G-Wagon around every so often, or my little Excalibur, which is a little sports car. But no, I don’t drive them that much at all. I maybe drive now five times a year a Hummer, that’s about it.”


  2. One more comment:

    “Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger tells Outside magazine that he switched one of his gas-swallowing Hummer SUVs from regular diesel to biofuel, and now when he drives it, “It smells like French fries.” ”


  3. Way to fight for your rights Arnie!! lol