HUMMER Seeking “Ultimate Fan” for Social Media Interaction

2008 Hummer Lineup H2 H3 SUTGeneral Motors may not have any staff devoted to HUMMER anymore since ending production several years ago, but they still own the brand name and the legacy – both of which are valuable assets. The social media agency in charge of managing the HUMMER website and facebook page, which we’ve been sharply critical of in the past, has been using the HUMMER facebook page to advertise their search for the ‘ultimate HUMMER fan.’

Presumably, they’re looking for someone who can interact with HUMMER’s 284k facebook fans without sounding like a stodgy big-city PR firm, yet holding the corporate line since it still technically falls under the GM asset umbrella. The details have yet to be announced, so we’re unsure if this would be a paid-gig or volunteer. We’re leaning towards the former since the two posts indicate they’re looking for a ‘fan’ – which may imply doing it out of the love for the HUMMER brand.

It’s a step in the right direction, since HUMMER fans and owners are unique, loyal, and can smell B.S. from a mile away.

Who knows – but this may be the only job in the world working directly *for* the HUMMER brand.

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