Hummer Showcases H2 Safari at 2007 SEMA Show

2008 Hummer H2 Safari SEMA 2007
Monday is the official start of the 2007 SEMA show in Las Vegas, and the “Hummer H2 Safari Off Road” is one of two Hummer concepts on display.

Hummer’s metal to glass ratio is a feature that many, for safety and aesthetic reasons, find appealing. But what do you do when the extra large sunroof isn’t enough to give you a feeling of openness? Well, if you had the H2 Safari, you’d just roll up your entire roof and take off the removable back windows!

Hummer revealed an H3 canvas top at the 2006 SEMA show, but GM decided to gauge the reaction of an H2 version at this years SEMA show. Hummer also had a similar canvas, retractable roof option was on the H3T Concept in 2003. All these canvas top Hummers begs the question, “Will we see a production model or limited edition with a fully retractable roof in the future?” My guess is yes, but how soon and what model will be the tougher question. It may be a while…but I wonder which one of Hummer’s portfolio & design guys (or gals) is addicted to soft tops!

The H2 Safari’s exterior color is unique as well: A matte green finish creates less shine and reflection – excellent for blending in and cruising through the woods. It’s also one of those finishes that looks much better in person than in pictures, IMHO.

The interior of the H2 Safari has also changed up quite a bit, with an olive green rubber replacing the normal factory carpet, and nylon seats with leather appointments that slightly resemble a shooting vest (intentional maybe?). Check out the pictures below to make your own call…

Overall, a nice concept truck that is true to the spirit of Hummer. Here are the complete vehicle highlights:

• H2 Safari Off Road concept
• 6.2L V-8 with 393 horsepower
• Retractable canvas roof panel
• Safari-inspired matte olive exterior color
• 20-inch wheels
• Mickey Thompson 35-inch off-road tires
• Removable rear quarter windows
• Euro-style smoked light lenses with LED lighting
• Black-anodized billet aluminum rear D-rings
• Warn winch – power plant with dual-force in front
• Heavy-duty suspension with two-inch lift kit
• Brushed metal appearance on interior trim
• Weather-resistant premium nylon seating material
• Olive green rubber floor replaces production carpeting
• Custom floor mats
• Magellan 500 eXplorist dockable GPS unit
• Premium outdoor luggage and gun racks

GM Accessories (production and concept)

• Roadside assistance package
• First aid kit
• Hitch receiver cover
• Tail lamp guards
• Rocker protectors
• Fuel door (black)
• Tubular assist steps (black)
• Hood handles (black)

2008 Hummer H2 Safari Concept SEMA
Hummer H2 Safari Interior SEMA
2008 Hummer H2 Safari Dash Sema 2007

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  1. nice dude, i reckon that they should make all the sema show cars limited edtions because i mean, its not like they wouldn’t sell.

  2. Sweet truck, a true offroad H2.