HUMMER Vehicle Donations Increase Red Cross’s Emergency Preparedness

Red Cross HUMMER Next month is National Preparedness Month, a time when the American Red Cross urges everyone to visit their website, and take a personal “Pledge to Prepare” and take at least one step to prepare themselves and their families for unexpected emergencies. HUMMER is doing their part by donating 13 more HUMMER disaster vehicles to American Red Cross chapters across the United States.

Hummer H3 Fire SmallThe 13 HUMMER H3s will join the 31 currently in use across the country, which have been used across the country in countless disasters including areas hit by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita; flooding in Indiana; and wildfires in California. All of the HUMMERs have been donated by General Motors as part of 6 year, $4 million commitment to the American Red Cross.

“HUMMER and the GM Foundation’s donations to the Red Cross have helped support our core mission of providing urgent relief to those affected by disaster,” said Jeff Towers, chief development officer at the American Red Cross. “Their ongoing generosity will continue to help Red Cross chapters respond to emergencies across the nation.”

To help make communication and navigation easier for Red Cross volunteers, each donated H3 will be equipped with complimentary OnStar services – which proved useful during the California wildfires when in addition to the Red Cross, OnStar subscribers were able to get traffic and shelter information regardless of their subscription plan.

Currently many American Red Cross chapters from around the country are busy preparing for the possibility of Hurricane Gustav making US landfall early next month.

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