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Hummer Games
Even though it’s listed under the “Hummer Kids” section of, I found the new “Hummer games” section relatively amusing. One game in the spirit of Hangman is called “See the World” – upon successful completion of the phrase, you win accessories for your virtual Hummer of choice. My favorite called “Trail Blazers” (seen above) puts you in the driver’s seat in an arcade-style off-road rally. These can be found on, under Hummer World, and Hummer Kids.

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  1. georgieboysobota

    no offence but this s old, this has been here since, i dunno, August last year, if i knew you didnt know about, be sure i would have told you

  2. It’s new to us — we don’t normally frequent the kids section! 😀

  3. georgieboysobota

    neither od i put i get updates from HUMMER and when HUMMER Kids was first introduced i was notified and i checked it out

  4. georgieboysobota

    sorry about that i mean *neither do i, but i get…*

  5. Well guyz i wonder two why old comments are still on the page,infact it just showed that the pages and the games themselves needs alot of bathing”updates”try to bring up something new guyz,i love the hummer guy.