Project Truck Gets Rocker Protection, Removable Steps

HUMMER H3 Rockers and Steps 480

If you’re looking to take your H3 off-road with any regularity, we highly recommend the Rocker Panel protection from HUMMER – and since we’re not the only ones getting in and out of the project truck, we also installed the removable “U-steps” on our 2009 H3 project vehicle.

Whatever you call them (Rocker Guards, Rocker Panel Protection, Rockers, Rock Sliders), they’re designed to do one thing: keep your body and moldings intact by extending rigid metal tubes attached directly to the frame. Rocker guards allow off-roaders to skid or slide over rocks that would normally bugger up (at a minimum!) the trim piece directly under the doors.

The construction is extremely heavy duty, as they are designed to support a significant amount of truck weight against boulders. Because of the sheer weight of the rockers, a second person to hold the bar while you secure the bolts makes installation much easier.

H2 owners needn’t worry about adding rocker panel protection – they’ve been a standard feature since the vehicle’s debut in 2002 (2003 model year).

HUMMER H3 U Step Bolts 250The standard black or chrome tube steps for the H3 will not work in conjunction with the rocker guards since they use the same mounting holes on the frame. We recommend the removable U-Steps, that are easily removed prior off-road activities in 10 minutes or less.

The steps are sold in sets of two (you need two sets if you want to equip both sides), and can only be installed with the rocker panel protection. The GM Part # for the U-steps is 12498473, and the GM Part # for the rockers (sold as a pair) is 12498471. If you’re looking online for the rockers, just beware that shipping charges can be significant with an item that heavy – it may be worth checking your local dealer, too.

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  1. Looking good! What’s the next upgrade going to be?

  2. Can my chrome tube steps be modified to work similiar to these steps?

  3. The chrome and black tube steps use the same mounting bolts as the rocker guards, so unfortunately, it’s one or the other.

  4. what about steps and rockers for H3T

  5. More H3T accessories will be in development now that the brand has been sold, including rockers.

  6. Do they Hummer H3 Rockers fit the H3T?

  7. How is that possible since you can fit H3 Nerf Bars on the H3t. Why cant you use the 2 Outer Mounts of the rocker panels since they use standard locations?

  8. I think they will fit just be missing to mounts (CENTER) Those should be able to be fabricated easily.

  9. I stand Corrected these are too short and could only be welded on to make fit. Now I have 8 Steps and Rocker Panel Protection for sale 🙂

  10. Ok, for Shits and Giggles I mounted them to the factory mounts with no modifications. They are about 10″ short to the rear but dont look half bad. The steps will be in tomorrow and Ill mount them up and if it looks good ill keep them on for now until the H3t Rockers are available. I will send you pics tomorrow.