Product Review: Grabit Pack

Grabit Pack Holdstalero
I’m the type of guy that can’t go into Target without looking at the outdoor/camping section and leaving with something. A trip to Bass Pro? Forget it – I recently got a letter saying I was recently upgraded to “preferred rewards” status to celebrate my addiciton. So you can gather that I like gadgets and other fun stuff that fits in to the HUMMER lifestyle. The makers of the Grabit Pack figured that out and sent me a one of their products for review.

I received the Grabit Pack at the office and immediately tried it on. It felt durable and secure, using the same attachment technique as a tactical side-arm holster. It just didn’t seem right with the business suit I was wearing, so, to give it a real test, I brought it along to a friend’s ranch this past weekend.

Grabit Pack Holdstalero It’s the type of ranch that you’re constantly jumping in and out of the HUMMER to open and close gates – which can lead to disaster for your pocket contents. The same is true for off-road events when you’re jumping out constantly to check your line, or spot your buddy over some rocks. I stuffed my cell phone, house keys/gate remotes, a money clip, and some other small items into the pack before setting off into the woods. The Grabit Pack did a good job of keeping everything intact during the constant entering and exiting. One of my worries was that it would be too bulky when driving the H3, but it was pretty slim and didn’t create any issues.

The company who makes the Grabit Pack, Holdstalero, recommends the product for Carpenters, Plumbers, Electricians, Police Officers, Paramedics, Messengers, and outdoor enthusiasts of all types.

Although I’m not involved in any of the professions above, I can see this item coming in handy around the ranch, during an off-road event, or while hiking to a campsite. The pack is relatively inexpensive too – it’d be worth the $23 even if you only use it a few times a year.

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  1. I think it’s a great idea to post some product reviews that apply to Hummer Guys on this blog.

    I work at Brunton and feel that Hummer should look to companies like ours to give the new H3T more credibility with the outdoor industry.

    I drive an H3 and love it, but the off-road prowess is often overlooked in our industry. Maybe some products from authentic manufacturers (not Hummer’s current branded Hummer Stuff) would help with the cause. We make flexible solar panels, high-end camp stoves, optics, compasses, and more equipment perfect for Hummer Guys. Let’s give the Hummer some legs outside of the current Hummer customer.

    On a side note: I also think a Hummer sticker that says “20 MPG, what’s yours get?” or something along those lines would be brilliant.

  2. A better alternative to the fanny pack.