Project Rig Gets Locking Gas Door

HUMMER H3 Black Locking Gas Door

We aren’t too concerned with gas tank vandalism or even someone siphoning our gas (since the H3’s tank has anti-siphoning features already), but we do love the look of a black gas door, and the one we chose for the project rig happens to have a lock.

There are a ton of options when it comes to black HUMMER gas doors both locking and non-locking. We chose this one for a few reasons. First, it’s officially licensed by HUMMER. This means that it’s been through extra testing and met HUMMER’s strict standards for corrosion and durability. It also can sport the HUMMER logo (legally, anyway).

Inside you’ll find ‘exclusive’ rubber stops for the door to hit upon closing which provides quieter operation. Not that you need to be especially stealthy during fueling, but it does feel and sound better (maybe they hired these guys?) than other locking gas doors.

HUMMER H3 Gas Door Side ViewNext, we particularly like the fit of this gas door against body of the truck. Many H3 gas doors on the market are variations of the H2 gas door which is designed for a flat panel. This gas door takes into account the curvature of the H3’s fender and is specially machined to be wider at the top and bottom which allows for a clean, snug fit.

The gas door kit comes with two tubular keys and installation instructions for just under $200. A chrome version is also available.

A locking gas door won’t drastically change the look of your truck, but it won’t break the bank either. This price point makes it a great (Father’s day, Mother’s day, Christmas) gift idea for the HUMMER lover in your life – and you can be sure they’ll use it as long as they’re filling up the truck! (Insert biased media fuel economy joke here).

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  1. I wonder were the gas door was made?

  2. was that gas door hard to install ? I don’t have a door on my H3 and I want one it looks good !

  3. Not all that hard, but a bit tedious.

  4. Just bought this same fuel door for my 3T. Problem is, I can’t figure out how to properly remove the existing fuel bucket without taking a chance on scratching the paint. How did you remove yours?

  5. It’s not real easy — but you can push in the body piece near the bucket slightly which will allow you to pop it off…I had help from a tech who’s done it a few hundred times so I wouldn’t mess it up. 🙂

  6. I just got this product and installed it myself in one hour. Nothing about this install is difficult. I used a putty knife, screwdriver and a drill.
    The door is made of steel. Looks great on my BLK H3

    I have always felt the lack of a fuel door looked poor on this truck. I love this upgrade.

    Thanks for the push Hummer Guy

  7. I just put a Chrome one on my H3 and it took me about thirty minutes or so. I did not find removing the original bucket that hard at all. I just pushed and pulled it with my hands (Mainly to keep from scratching my paint.) and it popped right out. The only hard part, if you could say hard, was having to pull and hit the new door to get it to set into the locks. Mine was from Defenderworx.

    I agree with Jordan, the lack of one makes it look poor!