India’s Mahindra and Mahindra possibly interested in HUMMER

Mahindra Pickup Truck - HUMMER Brand Review

In a somewhat confusing statement, Indian automaker Mahindra and Mahindra has expressed ‘mild interest’ in talking with General Motors about acquiring the HUMMER division. In the same statement, a spokesperson also added that the idea probably ‘doesn’t make any sense for us.’ Maybe I’m examining English semantics coming from an Indian company too closely, but if an idea doesn’t make any sense, why would there be any interest? We’ll take the two contradicting quotes to mean the company is interested purchasing HUMMER and is trying, albeit poorly, to maintain some bargaining leverage.

While many Americans may think that M&M purchasing HUMMER would mean chocolate covered SUVs, those in the farming business are quite familiar with Mahindra and Mahindra. M&M USA makes tractors along with other farm implements, and plans to initiate its first big push on the U.S. passenger vehicle market with a small, diesel powered truck next summer. If that vehicle sees success in the U.S., the automaker also has plans to roll out a mid-size SUV.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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  1. georgieboysobota

    if they’ll keep the HUMMER heritige, im ok. If they look like that, thats a different matter.

  2. Have any of you guys even looked at the vehicles that M&M produce? They are brutal, and about 10 years behind the times. It is laughable to visit their website and even read their marketing. It sounds like advertisement for a Tonka Toy written by an over-excited school boy.

    Look at the pictures of the interior of some of their vehicles. There is dust and debris on control panels, and the seats have FLOWER PATTERN upholstery for Christ sakes.

    Please…if the brand is going to die, I’d rather it be put to sleep, not MURDERED.