Official Word from GM Regarding HUMMER Brand Review

GM’s Chairman and CEO opened his speech by saying, “we are making a number of important announcements today, covering everything from product and technology investments to capacity adjustments to a strategic review of our Hummer brand…These moves are all in response to the rapid rise in oil prices and the resulting changes in the U.S., changes that we believe are more structural than cyclical.”

Here is the official statement from HUMMER regarding the announcement:

“GM announced today that it is making a complete strategic review of the Hummer brand, which includes everything from revamping the product portfolio to selling the brand. The decision regarding Hummer is part of a larger corporate plan to reduce truck capacity in the U.S. and increase car capacity in order to compete more effectively in the marketplace.”

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  1. Arrow through the heart!
    It’s all but over for HUMMER

  2. How about instead of selling the brand, we adjust with the changing times and put all efforts into developing a turbo-charged bio-diesel hybrid engine?

    Perhaps we face reality and expedite the H4 project and H2 demise, respectively.

    There are things that can be done (and probably should have been done previously), it just requires balls from the Hummer brass….perhaps “brass balls”.

  3. As suggested by one of the mechanics, why not make them 2wd for around town with the 4×4 option for when your ready to hit the mud, like the silverados??
    The H3 NEEDS a 4cyl turbo diesel (like europe)
    and why can’t we have a hybird?? if the mechanics of have the engine shut off off road then make it so when your in 4w low lock only the gas engine runs