India’s Tata considering HUMMER Acquisition

Australia Hummer H3

If you’re watching the news ticker in the automotive industry, you may have seen these three headlines in the last week:

1) GM tells shareholders it may sell the HUMMER brand
2) Accountants reportedly approach India’s Tata, Mahindra to Purchase HUMMER Brand
3) Tata Motors tells shareholders it wants to raise a billion dollars for acquisitions.

The 2nd article is the only one that hasn’t been confirmed by either GM, Tata, or Mahindra. But even if you disregard that article, it’s easy to connect the dots with the other two. Are GM and Tata negotiating a deal without ever saying a word to each other? The ball is in GM’s court now. We’re waiting for Bob Lutz to say, “There’s no way in Hell we’d sell HUMMER for less than $1 billion,” while out to lunch with a group of reporters.

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  1. LOL, $1 billion. The final agrred to price to sell to Tengzhong was $150 million.

  2. Yea – but you don’t start low when you negotiate. 😉