Mexico HUMMER Happening Off Road Video

Sat, Feb 23, 2008

Hummer News, Off Road News

HUMMER Happenings are dealership sponsored events that get owners out into where HUMMERs really shine: off-road. One of the most recent happenings took place in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, and the crew at GMnext got some great video of it. Enjoy!

7 Responses to “Mexico HUMMER Happening Off Road Video”

  1. unclejjg Says:


    Come on….Jeep Patriots can do that…infact, with the exception of the water, I bet a Subaru could as well. Better off keeping that under the wraps otherwise people with think that is all these puppies can manage.

  2. georgieboysobota Says:

    who would take a limited edition off road?

  3. offroader613 Says:

    Yeah, some of the guys on do way more with their H3’s and a couple of H2’s.

  4. admin Says:

    Keep in mind that those are owners that don’t normally off-road and are trying to preserve their every-day-driver. The testing that HUMMER puts vehicles through is much more intense – more on that coming tomorrow!

  5. offroader613 Says:

    Still, driving through a puddle and a bump isn’t going to wreck an H2.

  6. gunner_45 Says:

    Big trees grow from small seeds.

    I know several people who have been to these happenings
    and gotten hooked on doing with their Hummers, that for
    which they were intended. They now wheel on a regular

    Were it not for an event of this nature, they would
    have never had their offroad cherries popped….8^)

    A Hummer Happening today, Moab tomorrow.