Mixed Reaction to Hummer Vandalism

Washington DC Vandalized Hummer
When we first heard the story of a Washington DC man who’s Hummer had been vandalized by environmental terrorists, we were surprised. It wasn’t the act of Hummer vandalism that surprised us, since we see that all the time – in fact just last week we spoke to a Hummer driver who had his windshield batted in over the weekend. We WERE surprised that it was making national news. It most likely made the national circuit when the vandals left the calling card “FOR THE ENVIRON” on the side of the vandalized H2. This gave bloggers on both sides of the issue fodder for discussion, but we decided not to report the news as soon as it happened. Instead, we were more interested in what kind of response it would get.

Luckily for us, OutsideTheBeltway.com already did a fantastic job compiling both sides of the issue from around the blogosphere. Most concerning of the comments are those made by LeanLeft.com (Warning – Link contains strong rhetoric that some, especially Hummer owners, may find offensive or disturbing!) – concerning because there are so many people out there that feel that acts of vandalism like this are justified, but don’t have a website to promote their ideas. Matthew Sparks from Treehugger.com actually believes acts like these may even have an isolation effect. “…it’s probably alienated quite a few people from the green cause. We’re reaching tipping point now; green issues are reaching the mainstream. Acts like this are the last thing we need.”

Whichever side you’re on, there’s a proper way to approach the issue. Hummer owners shouldn’t retaliate by roasting marshmallows over a burning Prius, and folks who live green shouldn’t do the same over a burning Hummer – and that’s probably exactly what fans and environmentalists had in mind when Black Eyed Peas member Will.I.Am promised to blow up is Hummer during a Live Earth performance in London. At the last minute he scrapped the plan (and supposedly the Hummer), saying he got caught up in the moment. As long as people support acts like this, and publicize acts of vandalism as acceptable, we will never see an end to eco-terrorism.

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  1. I find it odd that someone would actually “blow up” a Hummer to make a statement about saving the environment. I suppose all of that burning metal, flames, brake fluid, power steering fluid, anti-freeze, AC Coolant, etc. would NOT be bad for the environment after it evaporated and/or seeped into the ground after the Hummer blew up? How about all of the oxygen burned while the flames engulfed the vehicle. Oh no, that’s not as bad as the emissions it causes, not at all……………………

  2. georgieboysobota

    why do that? vandalizing a HUMMER? it now needs a truck to take it to a garage, which emits Co2, then even more trucks need to take parts to the garage, which emits Co2, then the owner needs to get a lift to the garage, more Co bloody 2! Madness

  3. georgieboysobota

    well said my man

  4. What is wrong with these people??? go blow up a prius or something! Why target the hummer???

  5. Everyone has a right to protest, but vandalism is not a valid means in which to do so. Prius owners who think they are above everyone else and saving the planet, haven’t the slightest clue how much more pollution is generated building their cars in comparison to the average, normal car. Not only is there a massive amount of pollution created from the different, special materials required to make it, but the pollution created shipping all the parts required to build it (much more than the average car) and then shipping the finished product out again exceeds the normal car’s pollution levels drastically. I hope he fixes his Hummer, fits a protective guard to the front of it, and rams every Prius on his street.