Neuromarketing: Branding Drives HUMMER Deal

A Future HUMMER from Tengzhong?

Neuromarketing thinks the reason Tengzhong is seeking to buy HUMMER from GM is to give global brand recognition to the products of the little-known industrial equipment maker. From HUMMER – All About Branding:

What better way to leverage this powerful brand image than to extend it to a broader line of industrial vehicles? If Tengzhong aspires to build a strong export market for its current and future commercial product, do you think it would be more successful if these vehicles were branded “Tengzhong” or “HUMMER”?

…if you are a little-known Chinese equipment maker who wants to go to war with with the likes of Caterpillar, Mercedes, and Volvo, wouldn’t you like to enter the battlefield in a HUMMER?

The hypothetical illustration above was part of the Neuromarketing post – the Tengzhong truck is real, but not the HUMMER branding and chrome!

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One comment

  1. Maybe they should have bought HOT WHEELS.TONKA or BUDDY L.Wish Penske would have wanted Hummer.These Chinese could care less they just wanted the name.