New GMC-Hummer Pickup May Have 1000HP, 400mi Range

GMC-Hummer Specs

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With the new GMC-Hummer pickup set to be announced in just days via a Super Bowl ad featuring LeBron James, new rumors are swirling around what a Hummer truck might entail.

According to those familiar with future vehicle plans, the new GMC Hummer will have around 1,000 horsepower and the driving range will be roughly 400 miles.

Those figures make it competitive with the Tesla Cybertruck, with it’s 800 HP, 500 mile range, and 2.9 second 0-60 time.

While Tesla’s numbers are somewhat speculative at this point, the ballpark nature of the two could mean an GMC-Hummer truck with an equally-fast 0-60 time.

By comparison – the early Hummer H1’s 0-60 time was around 16 seconds…but no one was buying it for its ability to drag race.

Even if these GMC-Hummer Truck Specifications are true, we don’t know how towing affects the range or how long it might take to recharge massive batteries.

h/t: GM Authority

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