New Hummer Commercials Target Ruggedness and Extreme Customization

Hummer Selector TV Ad Game On
Last week when we had an article about the College Station Hummer Happening preview (btw, article and images are coming soon!) and we talked about ‘scorpions and rattlesnakes,’ we really didn’t have any knowledge of Hummer using just those predatory creatures in one of their newest commercials. The newest on is called “Don’t Blink,” and features the 2008 Hummer H3 Alpha intimidating some unlikely suspects. Some people we talked with said they wished they saw more of the vehicle, and the ‘story’ was a little stretched. We agree. Although, we think it made the H3 Alpha look pretty tough.

We also came across another H3 ad on director Joseph Kosinki’s website (He’s also done SAAB, Halo 3, and Nike commercials). The ad is called “Selector,” and it has us very impressed. The blend of animation, music, physical and paint customization (including a flame paint job and a chrome exterior – nice!), and actual off-road footage – really amazed us. The final tagline is perfect – ‘Game On.’

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  1. id comment on the ad but every time i try to watch it on (which is the only place i can find it i only get up the HUMMER in yellow

  2. and it dosent work on the director site, or the link on HUMMERGUY