New Hummer Vehicle Spotted at GM Proving Grounds Next to HX Concept

The latest in the string of Hummer news comes from, who posted spy photos of the HX concept alongside a Hummer vehicle we haven’t seen before.

We know the HX concept was going to be released as the “H4” and look like a cross between the HX concept and then-current production Hummer SUVs like the H3.

The vehicle to the left of the HX looks like a more recent, pre-production model of what could be a new GMC-Hummer model closer to the size, and market, of the Jeep Wrangler.

The design cues of the new vehicle look more like the H2 than the H3, but the size (hard to tell from this photo) looks smaller, and it has an open-top design.

Also notable is some sort of sensor-looking attachment coming from the plastic hood louver.

GM knows the HX/H4 concept was received well and garnered a lot of excitement in the off-road community. A Jeep Wrangler competitor from Hummer would be a sight to see – and it’s possible we may see it soon.

Maybe even a tease during a Super Bowl commercial?


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  1. That sensor on the hood is a night vision camera.