Next generation HUMMER H2 put on hold permanently

2008 Hummer H2
We’ve just gotten official word that the next generation Hummer H2 project has been permanently tabled, meaning the HUMMER H2’s days are numbered. The leak of the original information is over at Jalopnik, but according to HUMMER has some inaccuracies. More official info and what this means for the HUMMER brand will be coming soon.

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  1. Just great, the demise of an awesome vehicle.

  2. What it means is that they can stop dicking around and start working on the H4. You hate to see any loved vehicle’s time pass, but with the increased oil prices and restrictions on pollution….maybe the H2’s time has indeed passed.

    I’d rather see the H2 retire, and Hummer (and off-road vehicles in general) carry on by adapting, then to see the whole segment go under.

  3. Maybe before 2014 oil prices will stabilize & the refresh will make sales go back up, then we will still have the H2 & whatever comes next……(Wishful Thinking)
    First the H1,now the H2,in a few years the H3 will be in the same boat if they keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!