No Loyalty to GM from Orphan Brand Owners

Over three million Americans currently drive vehicles produced by one of three brands General Motors decided to shut down in the last couple years: HUMMER, Saturn, and Pontiac. GM is hoping to transition these customers into vehicles it currently produces, but the Wall Street Journal is reporting nearly 70% of those brand’s customers are opting for vehicles outside the GM family.

GM offered orphan brand owners an extra $1000 in incentives in January and February – and the move worked temporarily.

Will you buy another GM product? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. Nope. They ruined HUMMER and the HX.

  2. I might. At this point in my life I will buy the best available vehicle in the market segment I am looking at. If GM can do that, I will, but it does not look like my next vehicle will not be GM.

  3. I will never buy a new GM product unless it says HUMMER on it!

  4. Have an H3 love it,and GMC PU shame on GM I will go Ford from now on

  5. All the vehicles I’ve ever bought for myslef have been GM. Well, never again. They shutdown my beloved brand without a care in the world and now all they want is my money for a differnt GM car. So much for loyalty. All you get is a slap in the face and a “here’s a measly cash incentive to buy one of our cars that you don’t really want.” Even if GM opened HUMMER again or even brought up the HX as a GMC product, etc., etc, I would wait to get it used. GM is not getting my money ever again.

  6. Screw GM! First they close down my brand when the opportunities were they to save it and then they support the Chinese Communist’s propaganda film. I’ll NEVER deal with them again. SCREW GM!

  7. I won’t buy from GM unless they earn my business with a product I want to buy. If they don’t replace Hummer with something equally as capable I will buy Jeep or a Toyota.

    As for the other cars (I also own a Vue), I’m not so passionate about them. People movers are people movers. If GM builds the right fit at the right price I will buy it.

  8. I am SO angry at GM for dumping Hummer and us! I was a faithful, long-time, multiple GM vehicle buyer and was just waiting for production of new H2s to resume to buy a second one – this one hopefully a diesel – when they caved to the eco-goofball’s propaganda. Bring back Hummer and we can talk. Otherwise my wallet and I will buy other than GM products from now on!

  9. GM is on the black list. I love my H3 and hope it will last for a long time since there’s nothing else available even close. Unfortuntatly GM lost me as a repeat customer, JEEP and FORD will be on the short list for my nest purchase. Rumor was that GMC was going bring back the HUMMER design under their name….

  10. Not in a million years… not unless they breathe life back into Hummer… in fact, it was Hummer that induced me to buy a new GM for the first time in my 52 years on this planet (I did get a used Corvette back in ’82). Screw GM. I’ll never believe that nothing could be done to save Hummer in some way, shape, or form.

  11. I love my H3 and I am finished with GM unless they bring back Hummer. GM needs to buy back their shares from the Government and bring back Hummer. Bring them back as a fuel efficent vehicle and they would have trouble keeping them on the lots. I was planning on buying a new H4 last fall and am now going to buy a new Hyundai. Goodbye GM

  12. I bought my HUMMER after GM axed them, mostly because I like its off road ability. I will keep it as long as it works and I can get parts. I like the HUMMMER and would like to see it brought back, but I would not buy another GM vehicle. My other truck is a Toyota, and I was going to buy an FJ, but I like the HUMMER best.

  13. GM screwed over every Hummer buyer with how they treated the brand. I will never buy another new GM product again. They have screwed me over for the last time.