Ohio National Guard Part of Green HUMMER Project

cnghummerThe Ohio National Guard has teamed up with CNG-Ohio to convert a HUMMER H2 into a natural gas fueled vehicle. The joint venture chose natural gas due to its abundance and limited pollutants – with the end goal of being less depended on foreign oil if the idea catches on.

With so many alternative fueled vehicles being dreamed up right now, in the next 10 years of auto manufacturing in the U.S. we will see some dramatic changes – will this be one of them? Check out the group’s website for more info and keep up with the build on their facebook page.

(On a side note – we have not had any news from HUMMER or the “Save HUMMER” summit to bring you just yet)

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  1. Thats cool.

    When would you say we should give up on hearing any good news about HUMMER. Should it be now or should we wait another month or two to 100% give up on it?

  2. I really believe that we should never give up on the best vechicle on the planet. It certianly deserves alot more attention, to keep the attraction there and just maybe someone will actually see that Hummer can and will be rebourne again.

    Giving up on a great vehicle is no the answer, It is pressure by the masses of emails and forms like this one that can change minds and make good things happen.

    The call is out to the Hummer Nation both in Canada & USA ,Plus the rest of the International World to come together and Rally behind a great vehicle in Hummer. Than maybe GM will waik up Sell the Hummer line to a company that will make it live on or bring it back to life themselves.

  3. Any news???