Pictures: Hummer Cell Phones to Release Soon

Hummer Cell Phone
We now see what the new Hummer cell phones will look like – and we’re impressed! I’ll be the first to say that I envisioned a utilitarian style cell phone similar to the yellow/rubber Nextel phones from a few years back. The new Hummer phones look about as sleek as a Razr phone but in a slider version. Personally, I’m partial to the silver Hummer phone pictured in the middle. Even if these didn’t carry the Hummer name, I’d be interested in purchasing one. There is no word yet on US carriers, but they should be available in an unlocked GSM version – the first Hummer cell phones will go on sale in Europe. This of course makes sense because Hummers are European cars, right? Ah well…we’ll let them figure out the bugs before the American debut of the Hummer phone!

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One comment

  1. I want the yellow one!! Its probably the same as any other slider phone, but I’m a Hummer aficionado, so of course I NEED this one! LOL

    What makes the phone uniquely Hummer though? (other than the obvious ‘HUMMER’ enscribed on the phone…)