Revisiting the HUMMER H3T Concept

Hummer H3t Concept

Five years before the production version of the H3T came to market, and two years before the H3 came to the market, HUMMER showed off a two-door pickup truck concept called the H3T. It had many of the styling cues that would eventually find their way into the production version of the H3T and the H3 SUV, and recent discussion about HUMMERs future models has resurrected the possibility of a single-cab, two-door HUMMER H3T similar to this concept.

The HUMMER H3T concept was revealed at the Los Angeles Auto Show in December of 2003, and its memory was brought back to life in 2009 when amid the restructuring and review process of the brand by General Motors, the two door H3T concept was characterized as a “Good example of where HUMMER’s future products could go,” by a company spokesperson. The H4, a future model to be based on the HX Concept, was also mentioned.

HUMMER H3T ConceptWhen looking at the H3T concept, its hard not to see some of the details that would eventually be slightly changed into the production details in the H3T and H3. The tri-circular a/c controls, the a/c vent design, steering wheel design, gauge cluster, door handles, and seat designs all bear a striking resemblance to production model design – not to mention the near identical exterior proportions and features.

The similar design between concept and production model should give those hoping for an H4 production model to mimic HX concept a certain amount of solace.

The current four-door production H3T is by far the most off-road capable pickup truck in its class, and a two-door version would be even more capable, with dimensions closer resembling the H3 while still maintaining the utility of a full-size truck bed. Even with a full size bed, the H3T concept’s dimensions are still somewhat smaller than the production H3 – suggesting that a two-door pickup H3T could possibly be the most nimble of the vehicles in the H3-class lineup.

Even though the H4/HX is reported to be top on HUMMER’s to-do list when it comes to new models, we shouldn’t discount the possibility of a two-door H3T coming relatively soon (2-4 years). The concept isn’t too farfetched as most of the vehicle’s design, parts, and powertrains could be used from the other H3 models. However, with work being done on next generation H3 designs, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to roll out many of the next-gen features on a brand new vehicle like a two-door HUMMER H3T.

Check out our newest H3T Concept section for a full image gallery and original press release.

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  1. “2-4 years”??? I thought Hummer was going to work on SHORTENING the developmental cycle? Sounds like they’ve picked up the Obama Promise Discarding Syndrome instead. IF Hummer build that 2dr I’ll buy one.

  2. I would order a 2 door today.Build it they will buy it.Put a V8 in it.