Robbie Knievel to attempt HUMMER Jump at Texas Motor Speedway

robbie-knievel-hummer-texas-2.JPG In a little less than a month Robbie Knievel, son of the infamous Evel Knievel, will attempt to jump 20 HUMMER H2s at Texas Motor Speedway. The show is set to begin just prior to the Bombardier Learjet 550k IndyCar event on June 7th.

“To me, the jump is all about the show for the audience,” Knievel said. “Nobody puts on a show anymore. As an entertainer and growing up with my dad and being the son of Evel Knievel, it’s a great thing to get to do this for a living. Guys still come up to me now and say, ‘This is my dad that brought me to see your dad, and here’s my son that I brought to see you.’ That’s pretty cool to think that we span three generations.”

The HUMMER jump would be the second jump at Texas Motor Speedway for the daredevil, his first came when he jumped the entire IndyCar starting field in 2001. Throughout his career, the 46 year old Knievel has completed 250 jumps, 20 of which set world records.

Robbie Knievel HUMMER Texas“The jumps aren’t getting any easier physically,” he said. “If you go down, you’re in trouble. Mentally, you have to be strong and have a positive mental attitude and just hope you make it. The thing is we all risk our lives walking across the street. I just happen to walk across the street and risk my life by jumping.”

For those near North Texas, the speedway is offering a limited amount of seats in a four-pack special – four tickets for $99 – for fans to enjoy Knievel and the Bombardier Learjet 550k. For more ticket information visit

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  1. georgieboysobota

    quick fact, just before Evel passed – God bless, he drove a twilight maroon H2 SUV.