Rod Hall Racing Returns to Baja 1000 with HUMMER H1

Rod Hall Racing, formerly “Team HUMMER,” will be returning to this year’s Baja 1000 race with a HUMMER in their fleet. Rod Hall, Sam Edgar, and Emily Miller will all take turns behind the wheel of the #861 H1 in the Stock Full Class.

Hall brothers Josh and Chad will trade off driving duties with Rod in the newest addition to Rod Hall Racing, the #61 Chevy Trophy Truck.

The Hall family remains the winningest family in Baja 1000 history – with over 33 class wins.

In 2009, Rod Hall Racing entered two HUMMER H3 race trucks in two different classes and won them both.

Best of luck to the entire Rod Hall Racing team this Baja 1000!

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  1. Good luck, Rod Hall Racing!

  2. Good luck X 1000!!!!! 🙂 !
    Hummer H1…. King of Baja 1000!!!! 😀 !

  3. I think it is very important to speak to Robby Gordon. Also this year the Paris-Dakar race with a Hummer !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Very Fantastic again review his hummer !!!!!!

    W Robby Gordon and his Hummer H3 !!!!!

    Thanks SPEEDENERGY …….. we will be with you !!!

  4. HUMMER H3 race car in 2011 Darker in 14 days!
    Good luck Robby Gordon!

  5. How can a hummer at 22 hrs win if trophy trucks are finishing in 16 hrs? Confused…

  6. Hummers race in the stock-class, which are different than the trophy classes. There are a bunch of different classes.