Rod Hall Returns to Baja 1000 with HUMMER H3

Team HUMMER H3 2008 Rod Hall
HUMMER may not be an official sponsor of Rod Hall Racing anymore, but that won’t stop Rod from running an H3 from his collection in this year’s Baja 1000. The 2012 Baja 1000 the 45th running of the famed race, and Rod has entered in every one – and been quite successful.

Hall has captured a record 21 Baja 1000 wins, 18 Baja 500 wins and he’s the only person to win the overall (even beating the motorcycles), in a production 4-wheel drive.

Next week Rod Hall will turn 75. Awesome.

Best of luck to Rod Hall Racing and “Team HUMMER”

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  1. Robby Gordon and his HUMMER are back for Dakar 2013!

  2. Do any HUMMER fans out there remenber the band Breathe or its lead singer David Glasper? If you were a fan have a look at some of his new music on YouTube (Great Listening).