Sewell HUMMER of Dallas to host H3T Preview Friday, Saturday

HUMMER H3T micro Camp

UPDATE: An H3T will be on display again 7/2/08 through 7/7/08 – come check it out!

This Friday, the crew at Sewell HUMMER of Dallas will have one of the very few pre-production HUMMER H3Ts on their showroom floor for the public to view. If you missed it at the Dallas Auto Show, this is your opportunity. The H3T can be seen from 3:30pm to 7pm on Friday, and between 8am and 10am Saturday. After this appearance, the H3T probably won’t be seen in Dallas until October – don’t miss it!

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  1. georgieboysobota

    that must make you the first HUMMER dealer to have a H3T on show?

  2. will other HUMMER dealers be doing this too?

  3. To my knowledge, we are the first dealership – it will also be at our Plano, TX location later on Saturday.