Top GM Exec: No Progress on HUMMER Deal

GM is not currently in active talks with any buyers for the HUMMER brand according to Tim Lee, GM’s president of international operations said Thursday in Shanghai.

“If we have something to be talking about positively with Hummer, believe me we’d be talking about it,” said Lee.

Lee indicated that after the deal to sell HUMMER to Chinese company Tengzhong that numerous offers came in for the brand, but after doing due diligence, there hasn’t been any progress.

Since he’s based in Shanghai, it’s possible that Lee isn’t as familiar with the discussions as those based in Detroit –but more likely, he does know what’s going on and didn’t think that comments made in Shanghai would make their way back to the U.S. – stupidity among the top brass at GM isn’t new.

Source: WSJ (Subscription req’d)

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  1. I cant help but hear “Taps” playing in the background as I read these posts.

  2. Hummer won’t make it, sorry Richard…………Only facts

    We have to think out of the box maybe new options, what about F-150 Raptor.

    I would like to get more info about hummer future but looks like No News

  3. @H3TSurfer

    There is an edited post further down below.

    It would appear Brian has censored my last post, which is fine as it looks like it’s time for me to be moving along as there is nothing I can’t stand anymore than censorship!!!

    Since I joined this community posts have been at an all time high, HUMMER was being defended at a first class rate, however without me there will be nobody left to keep folks on track, it will basically look like a bunch of monkeys up in a tree throwing shit at each other. I was the only one willing to set the record straight each time somebody said something untrue, however if you don’t want that and want to continue down the path you are all currently on, than fine, it’s your life, you’ll have to live with the repercussions of me not being here anymore and drowning in your own stupidity.

    Revised post below:

    Listen to me right now, there is no “Taps” playing here because I said about a gazillion times there will not be any major updates in regards to the HUMMER brand sale till May or June but likely September due to summer vacation.

    The next person who types propaganda is going to be tapping out if I get a hold of them!!!

    This is a HUMMER forum and online community. The next person who types anything who implies HUMMER is not going to survive should have their I.P. address banned by wordpress as I have had all I can take of this.

    If you’re not here to support the sale and don’t have anything good to post, do NOT post anything at all, thank you!!! ❗

  4. @Opportunities

    Since I’m getting ready to leave here anyways now that I’m being censored by Brian, I will say HUMMER will make it and you sir are an idiot for thinking otherwise.

    I already looked at the Raptor, it has no rock rails, wimpy skid plate, probably why Ford sells the skid plate upgrade and it’s too long compared to an H2 to make tight turns. Not to mention it’s not on a ¾ tone frame like the HUMMER H2 is. It is a disappointing vehicle, however if you want to drive it go ahead and buy one, I will stick to my HUMMERs thank you.

    I already said I believe several times just today alone there is no sale updates expected till May or June. Read the posts for the love of God please.

    If this is truly my last post now that I am being censored by Brian, I will take this opportunity to thank you all in believing in HUMMER and me to help with this sale, however I cannot continue here in my current capacity now that I am being censored.

    For those who believed in the message I sent, you will now have to move on without me, however remember to fight for HUMMER and we will get our 2011 HUMMERs for sure!!! 😎

  5. Threats, suggesting people not post their opinions if they differ from your own, foul language, putting down other HUMMER enthusiast sites (repeatedly), threatening to ban people or track them down — this isn’t the place. I emailed you privately, Richard, but that didn’t seem to slow you down. Please be mindful if you continue to post here.

  6. @admin a.k.a. Brian

    I never made any threats here and as far as tapping out that’s all in good fun as I am a volunteer sensei at the YMCA in my spare time and when I’m not doing that I usually participate in 1 or 2 sanctioned fights per year. Not like I was going to literally snap somebody’s neck in to, can’t you tell when I’m kidding around.

    The only time I suggested people not post their opinions is when they are in a negative light of the HUMMER brand, however if you want to operate a haters group, than I’m not going to stick around as hater comments make me too mad and upset.

    I never said any foul language even once, I never said f$$k or c$$t even once here, and when I’m mad I often do, so in reality I have been much nicer than warranted considering some of the things I have been reading here.

    I thought you wanted to be number one in the world like me, if you don’t have the balls to be number one, then you can drown in a sea of mediocrity as I’m not going to stick around to watch it if I can’t be free to express myself in the manner I see fit to do so in.

    Banning and tracking people who are forum offenders is very common. I’ve been online since 1994 and have a lot of experience in tracking people who are offenders.

    I do not read emails, too busy, I have a person at my company who reads my personal emails for me and they never told me that you sent me anything although they are out of the office now so that is probably why since it is now after hours here where I am at. Nevertheless anybody of any importance to me has my Skype ID and that is how I communicate online, if you want it let me know and I’ll send it to you okay.

    I may consider posting here again, however if I see anymore censoring than I will have to leave for good as I cannot deal with people who post false information about HUMMER, especially if I’m not free to set them straight in a manner of my so choosing. 😎

  7. Be nice Richard.

    Thank you!!!

    Now we got good news