Top Online Hummer Discussion Forums

Online discussion boards can be a great source of information and news about all things Hummer. We’ve seen more and more Hummer forums popping up around the web, and we want to help guide you to the best online forums. Here are our rankings:

1) Elcova Hummer Discussion Boards – Right now we think this Hummer board is the best bang for your buck if you’re looking for answers on Hummer H3s and Hummer H2s (most of you!). This has been the most popular place for H2 and H3 owners to compare rides, talk about vehicle modifications, and get technical advice and answers. With over 16,000 topics between H2 and H3 general/technical forums, chances are someone else has already discussed the topic you need info on. A simple to use search function can help you navigate through the plethora of Hummer info. One of the nice things on this board is the number of industry insiders, such as Hummer plant employees and General Motors employees.

2) Hummer Forums – A close second, is a growing, friendly Hummer community. When this board gets a little more traffic and a few more technical experts – watch out. I predict this board may become the Hummer discussion juggernaut in years to come.

3) Hummer Network Forums – “The Original Hummer Forums” For the H1 or Humvee owner, is simply unmatched. It has nearly 50,000 topics covering all aspects of Hummer’s first civilian model and the original military model. If you’re trying to join the H1 community – this is the place to get your foot in the door. This is also the longest running Hummer discussion board on the list, at 11 years and counting. **Free membership is required to view forums.**

4) Hummer X Club – The only national Hummer club to have local chapters – the Hummer X Club Forums are a great place to find off-road enthusiasts and events from all over the US. We haven’t spent much time in the forums, but they have the best info on upcoming off-road events in all different parts of the country.

5) Hummer Community – This is now the official board and ‘communication resource’ of The Hummer Club, Inc. We got an email a few days ago announcing the change – so we expect this board to eventually be the place to learn about, and discuss upcoming Hummer Club events. This is also a good community for DFW and Texas locals to organize events and exchange info.

6) – A growing Hummer community that focuses on performance and technical mods. One other unique feature we like is the “Regional Forums.”

We hope Hummer directory will help point you in the right direction for you Hummer info and event search. If you know of a site you think we should be aware of, feel free to drop us a line!

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  1. GM Hummer is an okay forum for H3 owners, but is sparsely populated for anything else…

  2. Good Call, VT — we like to stop by GM Hummer once in a while to check in. Thanks for the reminder!