U.S. 2010 HUMMER H3, H3T Production Expected Soon

Now that GM and Tengzhong have signed definitive agreements to transfer the HUMMER brand to the Chinese company, production of 2010 HUMMER H3 and H3T models destined for the U.S. is expected to begin in November.

EmptyHUMMERdealershipThe news comes as many dealers have been extremely low on inventory, and some have even temporarily closed their showrooms.

“We ran out of inventory,” said Greg Greenwood, the president of Greenwood Chevrolet Hummer in Ohio who moved his remaining HUMMER inventory to his Chevy dealership. “I only have three or four left, and I can’t run a facility on just three cars.”

2010 H3 and H3T models for export to Canada and Mexico have already been produced in the last few months, reducing the chances of any supplier issues delaying production. The same cannot be said for the 2010 HUMMER H2.

AM General HUMMER H2 plantIn August, HUMMER CEO Jim Taylor said that bringing H2 production back on line would take three to four months if the deal is approved. With the earliest possible release in calendar year 2010, one must wonder whether it would be better to skip model year 2010 and move straight into 2011 production.

After all, nearly every other manufacturer will be only months away from 2011 models by the time H2s are produced again, and it’s far better to be an early 2011 release than a late 2010.

Even though there have been delays in production and inventory, dealers are relieved that agreements have been reached, and production is now back on the calendar – even if it’s not as soon as they would have hoped.

Joe Serra of Al Serra HUMMER in Michigan said it best when he told ABC news that “Hummer lives on, and that’s a wonderful thing for the brand and for all the employees who work for Hummer.”

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  1. If they produce H2’s for 2011 when will they hit dealers? Could we not see new H2’s for another year?

  2. That’s highly unlikely. We’re talking about the possibility of model year 2011 that would become available in early calendar year 2010 (3-4 months from now).

  3. H2 sweeeet.

    Everyone go to http://www.FUH2.com and tell them they LOST!


  5. the HX will probably be a few years away.

  6. Finally! My local dealer only has 2 H3s in stock, and I need a new one so they need to start 2010 H3 production quick!

  7. Finally. I’m going to add a H2 to our family…..wife drives a H3 already.